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SAL 2.0

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Sound And Lights 2.0, or SAL for short, is a different kind of music and lighting synchronization device. Most devices that are used to synchronize lights to music have several problems. They are too generic and are not customizable to the song you are listening too or they are too expensive and require many hours of technical experience to operate. SAL is designed to make a customizable experience for every song on your playlist. With very little instructions you can setup a whole show of over 15 songs in under an hour*. This user friendly** device will analyze each track of your playlist (inserted into the device in the form of a micro sd card) and then run by itself synchronizing up to 7 different strands of lights. SAL 2.0 is able to analyze 7 different frequencies at the same time and its compact design makes it easy to place in your yard, roof, tree, car, auditorium, etc***...

*Results may vary per user.

**Control panel may vary as progress and advancements in design and function are updated constantly, for up to date design details and figures contact directly.

***Lead time is 3-4 weeks for this product due to the complexity of the device

(Length by Width by Height) 10"x10"x4.25"

Includes: Power Cord and Micro SD Card

Warnings: 7 of the outlets are designed for lighting effects while the 8th is designed to provide power for the external speaker, audio player, or a strand of lights that you wish to keep on during the show. We do no recommend using the 8th outlet to run several devices or with a high current consumption( this includes Christmas inflatable lawn decorations). The device works best with LED Bulbs. Triggering incandescent bulbs on and off repeatedly consumers more electricity and will wear out the bulb quicker, however this does not affect the function of the device.

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