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Locking Actuator Assembly Test Stand

Referred to as Test Stand 10 (TS10 for short) was designed over the summer and is a hydraulic/pneumatic test bench. It is driven pneumatically but the unit tested in this Test Stand is hydraulic. This unit is used to move locking keys into two separate  positions. This units travels at high velocities and under larger forces but requires precise readings on the speed and position of the actuator head.


This is a personal project that I have been working on since 2016. The idea is simple design a way to move the lenses up and down in a single motion without having to remove them continually. This idea was brought up when on vacation. When you're traveling rapidly in and out of shops or if entering a ride on a theme park it is more convenient to leave them secure on top of your head then to remove them and place them in a bag or around your neck, especially if this is only for a short period of time.

Landfill Methane Exhaust Project

We are working with Dr. Michael Swain on increasing the efficiency of a Methane Engine. These methane engines are modified gasoline engines that are installed on landfills. Landfills produce the methane as a result of decomposition of waste. This excess methane is harmful to the environment and per LMOP(Landfill Methane Outreach Program) must be flared. We will be taking the methane and converting it to electricity with these engines. This system of using engines instead of generators is cost effective and easier to maintain.

KJ-52 Live Concert

In 2016 we had KJ-52 come and perform a live concert for the youth. He came with a DJ and drummer and performed music from 4 different albums. I had the pleasure of working with him during rehearsals and producing the show with select individuals.

Pneumatic Test Bench

Referred to as Test Stand 12 (TS12 for short) was designed over the summer at my time at Quality Aircraft parts. It is a custom bench used in the testing of pneumatic parts from 747 to 777 aircraft. The test has a range of 0 to 600 PSI. It also has the ability to accept Nitrogen with a seperate input along with a water column gauge and added precision with a two needle vavle adapters with digital gauges with a resolution of 0.1 PSI.


This is a personal project where I set out to customize the wallet to my own needs. This was loosely inspired by other hard wallets but I didn't believe that it was as efficient or cost effective as a plastic rendition. This wallet has three pockets and a money clip. The front pocket is meant only for an ID of some sort and is placed in the front for ease of access at places such as an airport or other stations for traveling. The smallest of the pockets is designed for three cards exactly. It is smaller than a regular wallet and lighter.

Hallelujah Night

From 2012 to 2017 my church produced a yearly carnival and live stage show. I was placed in charge of organizing a team to run the audio and visual elements of the show along with the music and entertainment that was in the outdoor carnival. We had an average band size of 6 members and up to 4 live instruments. The play consisted of upwards to 6 live actors with microphones along with dancers and a light show along and synchronized scenery. Several years we lived stream the event. Most of the graphics were generated by me and the church staff. We received approximately 200 people every year.

Pembroke Pines City Center

For approximately six months my church service was held in the newly constructed Pembroke Pines City Center. We put on two live services every Sunday with a band of up to ten members, consisting of at least five instruments. Every Sunday had to be setup from scratch  and the sound had to be rebalanced because the setup had to be changed during the week to accommodate other groups using the building.