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Engineering Solutions



We provide custom CNC or Laser Engraving for most materials. 3D printing using FDM and SLA printers.  We work to maintain a high level of precision in our machines, all you have to do is let us know what you need.


JETech will work with you on developing and producing your ideas. We provide everything in the Engineering process as needed.

Special Effects

We have developed and created custom special effects at an affordable rate. Our team has several years of experience in production and special effects.

We will print any custom design you may find on the internet or that you made at home. If not our engineers will work on designing and printing your ideas. We print model...
Custom 3D Print
1 hr
Prices may vary
Custom CNC jobs can be performed upon request, The material and pricing of the service will be discussed in a one hour service session free of charge.
Custom CNC
1 hr
Prices may vary




We are devoted to creating accurate and reliable parts. We implement several methods of prototyping and manufacturing within the multiple ongoing projects here. The use and reliability of additive manufacturing is expanding and becoming a bigger part of our daily lives. It has improved the quality of rapid prototyping and its accuracy and speed at which it operates makes it a necessary adition to any production line.

We work towards providing an endles amount of support and feedback in order to produce your ideas. While many people cannot readily enter into the additive manufacturing industry due to the technical skill or cost associated with it. Services, like ourselves, allow the hobbyist and young engineers to have the luxury of 3D printed parts without the hassle of maintaining the machine. Our continual expansion to suit our own needs has allowed us to make these services available to whoever needs them. Our CNC and 40 Watt Laser is just one of the many devices we plan on implementing in our production process and allow us to serve our customers in more ways than before.



Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm​​

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